Ongoing Projects

Modernization of 13 Piece Aircraft Shelters of Diyarbakır 8th Main Jet Base Command

* Renovation of Aircraft Hangar’s Doors
* Renovation of Door Carrier Rails
* Procurement and Commissining of Electromechanic Equipment
* Waterproofing of Foundation
* Renovation of Aircraft Hangar’s Exterior, Paints Aircraft Hangar’s, Concrete Pavement of Aprons, Asphalt Banquets, Drainage System, Personel Doors to Existing Shelters
* Composing of Convertor Room
* Renovation of Ventilation System, Clean Water Cleaning,  Electric Installation,  High Voltage Installation, Low Voltage Installation, Data System, Camera System, Announcement System

Ministery of Defence
16.04.2020 - 02.06.2021