Ongoing Projects

Electromechanical Works Of Cudi Ortabağ Tunnels as a part of Cizre - Şırnak Highway

Cudi-1(725/690mt) and Cudi-2(725/786mt) Tunnels on the Cizre-Şırnak Road & İnceler(220mt), Ballı(280mt) and Ortabağ-1(280mt),Ortabağ-2(140mt) Tunnels on the Şırnak-Ortabağ road :
* Lighting System,
* Ventilation System,
* Communication System,
* Fire Detection and Warning System,
* Traffic Control System,
* CCTV System,
* Public Announcement System,
* Tele control System,
* Fire Extinguishing System 

KGM(Republic of Turkey General Directorate of Highways)
Cizre / ŞIRNAK
31.08.2015 - 16.02.2018